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FAQ's - Certificated Absences

Instructors are responsible for reporting any anticipated absence or tardiness to the appropriate Area Dean/Director as early as possible.  The Area Dean will notify students of the absence or tardiness of an instructor whenever possible, and will process the absence.

If an evening or weekend instructor's absence is unanticipated after 5:00 p.m., he/she must notify the Dean of Distance Learning, Evening, and Weekend Programs at 759-6090. This will enable the dean to post a sign for students.

If the instructor teaches at an off-campus location, he/she should phone in the absence or tardiness to that site's office before closing time.  In addition, the off-campus instructor must notify the Area Dean or the Office of Instruction.

Sick Leave

Adjunct day/evening faculty - An adjunct instructor teaching a semester length course is entitled to paid sick leave per semester not to exceed the number of hours taught per week, however, there is no pay for non-sick absences.  Sick leave for adjunct instructors is not cumulative.

Summer Sessions - During the Summer Session there is no sick leave allowance for Not-In-Contract or adjunct faculty.

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