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Once a class has started for a semester, the Admissions and Records Office will not register students unless the student possesses an Add Card signed and dated by the instructor.  The student must have attended class the first week of instruction (except for classes that meet only once a week).  Additional add cards may be obtained from the Admissions and Records Office.  All information must be completed as requested on the card.  If the class has not yet begun, students may register without the instructor's signature provided the class still shows open.

The instructor should verify that the student has added the class by making sure that the student returns a pink NCR copy of the Add Card to the instructor at the next class meeting with the Admissions and Records Office date completed.  The instructor should then add the student's social security number or student ID number and name to the class roster.  Please note that students must add by the date specified on the memorandum provided with the Opening Day Roster. 


Students may drop a class without instructor’s signature prior to the end of the fourteenth week by obtaining a Drop Card in the Admissions and Records Office or using ASAP telephone registration or PAWS for Students. The instructor will record the drop on the class roster and indicate the date the student's enrollment was terminated.

Students may also be dropped for non-attendance by the instructor using the Drop Roster, or Drop Cards, which are available in the Admissions and Records Office.  Such changes are appropriate when irregular attendance or other causes make impossible the satisfactory completion of a course.  Students must be dropped in accordance with the Attendance Policy as stated in the College Catalogue. Once the student has been dropped, he/she must complete a Course Reinstatement Form to be readmitted to class.

REINSTATEMENT PROCEDURES:  Reinstatement forms are available in the Admissions & Records Office.  The student must present the form to the instructor for approval/disapproval.  If you approve the reinstatement, please sign and date the form and send the student to Admissions & Records immediately.  The reinstatement form must be processed in the Admissions & Records Office within one working day of your signature in order for the reinstatement to be considered valid.   If it is beyond the one working day limit, the student will be asked to have you complete another reinstatement form.  The processing of this form is crucial.  We need to ensure that you still want the student in your class. 

If you disapprove the reinstatement, please bring the reinstatement form to Admissions & Records so that we may keep it on file.  No registration transaction needs to be completed.


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