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Adjunct Payroll F.A.Q.

When is Payday?

Payday is the last business day of each month. Paychecks/Paystubs will be available for pick up at the Payroll Office Located in the CAB Building C105. They will be handed out on Pay/Day and the Next Business Day after Pay/Day and then mailed at the end of that day.

Example: September 30, 2007, falls on a Sunday. Pay/Day is Friday September 28 and checks will be available for pick up this day. Paychecks and Paystubs will be mailed at 4:30pm following business day after Pay/Day.

I am paid by the hour.  What wages will be included on my payroll check?

Hartnell’s attendance period is the 11th of the month through the 10th of the following month.  Hourly employees will be paid at the end of the month for any hours submitted on a timecard to their department for the 11th through the 10th.

Example:  The hours you work and submit on a timecard from August 11 through September 10 will be paid on September 30.

When and where do I submit my timecards?     

Each department has an attendance advisor (usually the department administrative assistant) who collects and enters your timecards.  Please do not bring your timecards to Payroll. We cannot enter them! Your department has three working days after the 10th of each month to enter your hours into our payroll system. Please check with your department for the deadline to submit your timesheets. Distance Education adjunct instructors will turn their time sheets in at CAB 101; Basic Skills adjuncts at the Annex; Transfer Studies adjuncts at CAB 209 or CAB 253; Career and Economic Development adjuncts at TECH 11; and Counseling adjuncts at CAB 151.

What happens if I do not get my timecard turned in on time?

This is bad - very, very bad - for all of us. It can be a very long time between paydays when payroll is processed on a monthly basis. If you do not submit your timecard to your department by the deadline, those hours will be entered as back pay on the next payroll which greatly increases the amount of work required by both your attendance advisor and Payroll to process these hours for payment. Late timecards also complicate – and slow down - the process of paying a retro. You need to make sure your timecard is always submitted on time!!

Can I have my payroll check automatically deposited?

Automatic deposit is available to all employees.  Payroll has a request form for you to complete, or you can use the form provided by your bank.  It takes two pay periods for your automatic deposit to take effect.  When we first enter your information into the payroll system, our bank will process a dummy deposit (no money included) to verify the routing and account number you gave us. If there are no errors returned, your funds will be deposited the following month. If we do receive a rejection notice, we will contact you to get the correct information and begin the process again.

Important! Your bank account information is never deleted unless you request it.  You do not need to submit a new form each semester, however, you do need to submit a new form if your bank account changes.

Even if your payroll funds are being automatically deposited, a check stub is issued to provide the details for your wages, taxes, deductions, etc. The check stub looks exactly the same as a live check and will be distributed in the same manner as a check. Employees with automatic deposit whose checks go to the Cashier’s Office for distribution still need to pick up the check stub.

Note: If you are having your payroll check deposited, please do not contact our office to ask what your deposit amount will be. That information is provided on your payroll check stub or can be obtained from your bank.

How do I request a copy of a check stub or W-2?

First of all, the best advice we can give you is: do not lose them! The information provided on these documents is very important – especially if you are applying for a loan.

Check stubs.  We do not have copies of your check stub. If you complete a Request for Payroll Information form, we will give you a printout which will have most of the same information but never the detail on the actual check stub.  The printout Payroll provides will not have year-to-date information.  Allow three to five business days for Payroll to process your request.
W-2s.   There is a separate form to request a duplicate W-2.  There will also be a $5.00 fee for each year you are requesting.  Payment must be submitted with the form.  We will accept a personal check payable to HCCD but must wait until the check has cleared before we begin the process. Allow three to five business days following payment for Payroll to process your request.

Where can I find Payroll forms?

The Payroll Office will always have the forms. All forms are also available in the Payroll folder on the “R:\Payroll\” directory of the administrative network server but not all academic employees have access to this drive. Best of all, we have all the above information and more posted on the Hartnell Intranet FAQs,, with links to any related documents. In addition, Human Resources have provided a link from their web page to the Payroll FAQ under “Benefit Information & FAQ.”

Important!! Always inform Human Resources (831-755-6706) of address changes so your W-2 and, if applicable, checks for retroactive pay raises, will always reach you.

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